1. Why should I choose to purchase my memorial from Man O' War Monument?

Man O' War Monument is Lexington's ONLY 21st Century monument company.  We strive to give the families we serve 100% satisfaction in their memorial product.  All of our dedicated departments give their talent and top-of-line skills to create the perfect memorial for our valuable customers.

2. Can monuments be installed all year-round?

We will set your memorial product all year-round with decent weather conditions. 

3. I did not originally purchase my monument from you; can I still hire you for lettering?

Yes, we provide services to have your monument shipped to us and finish the lettering from there/and or have it done on site at the cemetery. 

4. I saw a mistake on my loved one’s memorial, what I do next?

If you come across a mistake or cracks, we can polish the stone down and start over with a new design or lettering layout. 

5. What about future lettering- a death date?

We offer the option of sending out a stencil to a third party engraver for sandblasting a date of death on site at the specified cemetery location.

6. What if I want to match a design or font of another stone?

It is recommended to take a photograph straight ahead at eye-level, so that our art department can duplicate the design and lettering of that particular stone. Make sure nothing is obstructing the stone, for example: flowers, flags, dirt, grass, or leaves. 

7. How are monuments priced?

Our pricing guidelines are subjective and based upon the size of the stone. 

8. Do you charge per letter?

No. We price our monument products by size.

9. Do you accept all major credit cards?

Yes, we accept all credit cards. 

10. Do you accept payment plans?

No, we do not accept payment plans at this time.  However, we will do everything we can to work with EVERY family to provide a memorial that is affordable.

11. Are there any fees for the cemetery?

Many cemeteries have their own rules and regulations, including fees. Contact the cemetery of your choice and find out if they have fees required for cemetery services.

 12. Which towns and cemeteries do you work with?

We work within Fayette and the surrounding counties throughout Kentucky.  We also serve the Greater Lexington (Bluegrass), as well as cemeteries in Southern Indiana.   

13. How long does it take to place my memorial from the day I order it?

The average time frame for standard shapes is 8-10 weeks.  As for custom-made shapes, the average turnaround is 3 months.

14. I have an old photograph that is partially damaged. What do I do?

Our art team of experts can revive  your old photograph for the best optimal etching possible.

16. I want a photograph of my grandfather’s farm designed as a sandblast scene. Is that possible?

Yes. Our art team possesses the ability to use any photo or a compilation of several photos to design a scene or design element for sandblasting.